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The vaping crisis and Vitamin E

Over the past few weeks, the FDA and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are investigating many mysterious, vaping-related lung ailments across the country. Nearly 450 hospital cases in 33 states are linked to vaping, while on Friday it had been reported that a person in Indiana had died after exhibiting severe symptoms of lung illness, making him the third such person to succumb to vaping-related illness. On Friday, the CDC advised the general public to refrain from using any e-cigarette — cannabis, nicotine, or otherwise — authorities are ready to pin down what’s making people sick.

Health officials are stupefied by the trend, with healthy children presenting at emergency rooms with symptoms mimicking severe lung illnesses like pneumonia. And as Rolling Stone previously reported, many have questioned whether the flourishing black market of bootleg THC cartridges could also be behind the trend, as against traditional e-cigarettes. But a recent report from the NY State Health Department sheds further light on this hypothesis. On Thursday, the health department said lab tests showed that almost all of the cannabis products tested for vitamin E acetate, the oil derived from vitamin E that’s most frequently found in supplements and skin creams.

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