Off white premium Distillate Carts are one of the best carts presently with its unique taste and pure oil. But this was not always the case, We started producing CARTS NATION in early 2018 as just a pure wax cartridge, it had no name. we didn’t really do a heavy production as it wasn’t really popular and for an unknown cart people were cautious with the consumption. By late 2018 our carts had grown into California market, and the quality was even better as we better our production and chose the name « OFF WHITE «. people were really rocking with it and it became bigger the following year. The Off white name has no affiliation with the off whites brand itself, it’s just the uniqueness of the cart that made us differentiate its name unlike other regular carts. CARTS NATION signifies more than just a cart, it’s a door to new wave of carts in this present society where everything seems to be fashionable.
Despite its quality we’ve faced a lot of difficulties business wise with fake companies supplying fake CARTS NATION to the society, this is something we are trying to stop but it gets difficult by the day. Please do be careful if you buy CARTS NATION from your local vendor or “plug” , Most of the time CARTS NATION from one plug will not be the same as CARTS NATION from a plug in a different area. Due to the fact that that there’s a lot of fakes in the market especially from the Chinese sector. So to be safe you can always purchase directly from us to avoid any issues.

Our CARTS NATION are filled with
Premium oil, and lab tested to avoid pesticides, lung infections, headaches and and heavy coughing throughout. if you experience any of this, you should know your cart isn’t safe.
We appreciate the support we’ve been receiving from our clients throughout our service, we assure you we will keep providing top products and service for your satisfaction as we grow together everyday.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from our product quality and efficient service, we also provide discounts for bulks, our premium clients get a taste of any new flavor that is introduced to our site for free,
We also provide free shipping for products above $500 and for first Time clients you get and extra cart for you choosing our service for the first time. Our priority is to create our own off white cart society where we could proudly say we have the best carts in the market. And a good service to match that.

We also have a refundable policy in case your cart has any issues working or is damaged on transit, we either provide refunds or resend another.
Our management team will always be online to help you in case you need assistance and help so do not hold any concerns back.